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VCNetwork.co is a revolutionary new concept in private venture capital funding. Our goal is to bridge the gap and dissolve the  barriers that traditional funding models place between VCs and entrepreneurs. But, that isn't all we do. We also help startups  avoid another pitfall of venture funding: the hard bargaining tactics used by today's investment banks, which are eager to enter the  venture investing arena due to the lucrative fees they stand to collect from investors.

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We want to be clear about what information you volunteer to provide us when using this website, how we collect it, and how it is used.  This Privacy Policy is designed to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and services.

Our Professionals

About our Professionals

Entrepreneurs need a modern approach to venture funding that provides all the benefits of the investment banking approach without the downside: bankers who play hardball. Since our founder's professional background includes considerable experience with investment banking, she understands the investment banking dynamic well enough to have created a more entrepreneur-friendly funding model.

Jenny Q. Ta
Executive VIPs / Founding Partners
Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo

Honors & awards

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"Jenny Ta: As I've watched Jenny Ta's career take shape, it's often surprised me how this determined woman has not only risen above her humble beginnings but used them to drive her many accomplishments. Seeing that gives me total confidence that the vision she has for VCNetwork will lead to yet another blowout success."

Nicole Coady, Writer and Director

"Shinta Dhanuwardoyo: Latest Achievements and Invitations by International Organizations: UN, UNESCAP, UNESCO, APWINC, LIPI, Government Institutes and Universities to give lectures and training on entrepreneurship, IT Web Development, and Member of judging panel for various IT related events. "

Latest Achievements and Invitations by International Organizations