"Jenny Ta: As I've watched Jenny Ta's career take shape, it's often surprised me how this determined woman has not only risen above her humble beginnings but used them to drive her many accomplishments. Seeing that gives me total confidence that the vision she has for VCNetwork will lead to yet another blowout success."

Nicole Coady, Writer and Director

"Shinta Dhanuwardoyo: Latest Achievements and Invitations by International Organizations: UN, UNESCAP, UNESCO, APWINC, LIPI, Government Institutes and Universities to give lectures and training on entrepreneurship, IT Web Development, and Member of judging panel for various IT related events. "

Latest Achievements and Invitations by International Organizations

"Shinta Dhanuwardoyo: Awards and Recognitions GLOBE ASIA as one of the "99 Most Powerful Women" FORBES Indonesia Magazine named to the "Inspiring Women Honor Roll" "

Awards and Recognitions

"Jenny Ta: One memory stands out in my mind when I'm asked what I think of Jenny Ta: Some time back, I had the opportunity to be on a speakers' panel with Jenny at USC. I found her skill as a speaker, as well as her understanding of both the financial and technology sectors to be quite impressive. Certainly she is the kind of modern day female leader who has the ability to empower and inspire other women to believe in their own abilities."

Dr. Rhea Kim Ph.D., Chief Research Officer of Haig Barrett Management Consultants

"VCNetwork.co (VCNetwork), a comprehensive database of independent venture capitalists who are seeking viable startups to fund, is designed to bridge the gap between hundreds of VCs and innovative startups. With an already existing database of close to 300 VC’s in its network, Jenny Q. Ta, CEO and founder of Sqeeqee.com, the World’s first social networking platform, and Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo (known as Shinta Bubu), founder and CEO of Bubu.com, have created a ‘virtual Shark Tank’ accessible to any entrepreneur with a good business plan to be matched with the right VC to back them. Entrepreneurs create a profile on VCNetwork.co, which includes the founder and team’s information, as well as how much funding they’re seeking. Once they submit a business plan and select the industry they’re most closely related to, VCnetwork’s intelligent system couples them with the best match for their business and their funding needs. By building a network that includes hundreds of VCs and VC firms, Ta is effectively arming the organization with the same type of resources that today’s investment banks are using to their own advantage as they leverage their client lists to recommend individuals and companies that are wealthy enough to provide the funding that startups need to grow. In carrying out her vision for connecting compatible VCs and startups, Ta joined forces with Silicon Valley’s highly respected Indonesian pioneer, Dhanuwardoyo, whose Bubu.com is one of Indonesia’s earliest Internet-based companies. Ta and Dhanuwardoyo, though based half a world apart, share a common goal of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit that keeps young startups learning, growing, and innovating. As investors themselves, both successful business leaders are committed to guiding VCNetwork as the company invests in the startups within its fold, up to half-a-million dollars annually.  http://www.cbjonline.com/a4sfvbj/supplements/WIB_SFV_20160418.pdf "

Los Angeles Business Journal / San Fernando Valley Business Journal – Business Team of the Year

"This year will go down in infamy as one of the worst in living memory, but Wall Street veteran Jenny Q Ta says there’s been at least one bright spot — 2020 has marked a big shift in attitudes towards cryptocurrency from the Wall St. participants who once eyed the asset class with distrust. The year began with Australia burning down, and moved into a worldwide pandemic that sparked a financial crisis and an unprecedented phase of economic stimulus — before morphing into the biggest wave of global protests in decades over racial injustice following the death of George Floyd. And when it comes to the U.S. dollar, the apocalyptic vibe has shaken the faith of the most faithful — and turned the Bitcoin fearful into the crypto fearless. “Ever since coronavirus hit, a lot of my friends did get into Bitcoin,” explains Ta, founder of Titan Securities, Vantage Investments and the social media and crypto commerce platform CoinLinked. She said many scooped up their first Bitcoin following the Black Thursday crash. “They literally left finance, traditional markets selling equity and they bought Bitcoin. Many of them did. And it’s doubled — and we’ve seen Wall Street double. The difference between the two, and this is what my traditional finance friends have been telling me, is that Wall Street went up based on fake money from the Fed pumping into the market. But they know Bitcoin has a fixed 21 million tokens and it’s based on demand and supply. They now believe it could be $50,000 or even $100,000.” Ta, author of Wall Street Cinderella, said the nationwide wave of protests and riots also focused minds on wealth preservation. https://cointelegraph.com/magazine/2020/07/14/money-printer-brrrrr-wall-st-bitcoin "

Cointelegraph Magazine: As Money Printer Goes Brrrrr, Wall St Loses Its Fear of Bitcoin

"Tech Conference IDByte Kicks Off Aiming to Put Indonesia on Global Digital Map | This is one of the problems that IDByte seeks to tackle in its seminars, said Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, founder of Bubu.com and the brain behind the conference. The three-day event, themed "Digital e-Conomy," aims to help local start-up companies to scale up through a series of seminars with 35 leaders of the digital industry, from homegrown companies like Go-Jek and Bukalapak to Facebook, focusing on the role of technology in the economy in the wake of the country's rapidly growing e-commerce industry. https://en.antaranews.com/news/112847/president-widodo-inaugurates-2017-idbyte-conference "

President Widodo inaugurates 2017 IDBYTE Conference